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Guest Contributors

The Cut Life is a digital, beauty, and lifestyle brand created to celebrate and highlight the uniqueness, boldness, and fearlessness of women with short hairstyles. We embrace and showcase these daring risk takers who organically express their individuality through pixies, bobs, shaved sides, bald, relaxed, colored, and natural looks.

The Cut Life is simply put, A Lifestyle Space for Stunners with Short Hair. We're excited to take our stunners on a journey with Dr. Miracle's as brand ambassadors!!!


Dr. James Watson

Dr. James Watson is the owner and Medical Director of Vivify Medical. He is a practitioner of family medicine and currently serves as the Health and Wellness Medical Advisor for the Dr. Miracle’s Hair Care brand.

Mirroring the brand’s commitment to creating the “best hair life” for our Authentic Beauties in a way that is individualized and targeted, his approach is holistic and focuses on the overall well-being of the patient. As the medical voice of the Dr. Miracle’s brand, he speaks to issues such as scalp health and scalp damage prevention and contributes monthly to the Dr. Miracle’s blog to offer tips on maintain skin, hair and overall health .

Relaxed Hair Potion

Here’s a tip for all my ladies with relaxed hair to help keep things under control in between relaxers. Dr. Miracle’s Relaxed Hair Potion has the perfect blend of nourishing essentials, like coconut and jojoba oils, to give your hair to amazing touch of moisture it needs. You already know Dr. Miracle’s No-Lye Relaxer is second to none. Now, your hair will stay shiny, strong and manageable for even longer and those stray ‘frizzies’ will stay in check.


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